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English Course, IELTS £150.00 - £360.00

International Language College

School of English Newcastle

At the International Language College, we are here for you. A small, cosy school in the heart of beautiful Jesmond, near Newcastle City Centre, we provide a professional, personal, and flexible service to meet your language learning needs.
At the ILC we can help you with any and all of your language learning needs. Whether for your social life, studies, work, or travel, we will help you improve your English to the level you desire.
We are passionate about language learning and aim to provide professional, qualified teaching in a relaxed atmosphere.

Our social activities and afternoon/ evening programmes are a mixture of local North East and Central of Newcastle activities and weekend excursions.




General English 15 Hrs per week

  • 1 week, English 15 Hrs.

    1 week course, 15 lessons per week,

    £ 210.00
  • 4 week, English 15 Hrs.

    4 weeks course, 15 lessons per week,

    £ 810.00
  • 8 week, English 15 Hrs.

    8 weeks course, 15 lessons per week,

    £ 1,500.00
  • 12 week, English 15 Hrs.

    12 weeks course, 15 lessons per week,

    £ 2,100.00

General English Intensive- 20 Hrs

  • 1 week, English 20 Hrs.

    1 week course, 20 lessons per week,

    £ 640.00
  • 4 week, English 20 Hrs.

    4 weeks course, 20 lessons per week,

    £ 950.00
  • 8 week, English 20 Hrs.

    8 weeks course, 20 lessons per week,

    £ 1,700.00
  • 12 week, English 20 Hrs.

    12 weeks course, 20 lessons per week,

    £ 2,300.00

Exam Preparation

  • IELTS 10 Hrs

    IELTS 10 Hrs

    £ 150.00
  • IELTS 15 Hrs

    IELTS 15 Hrs

    £ 200.00


  • Homestay/Full board

    Homestay/Family-Single-Full board

    £ 180.00
  • Homestay/Half board

    Homestay/Family-Single-half board

    £ 160.00
  • Homestay/Self-Catering

    You use the homestay kitchen and buy and prepare your meals.

    £ 140.00
  • Students Residence

    Residential Student Accommodation, Prices for residential student accommodation can vary from £99 to over £199 per week depending on your length of stay. Most accommodation is within a 5-25 minute walk from the school and is close to the city centre. Contact us today for more information.

    £ 50.00
  • Students Residence

    Twin Shared Studio

Transfer Fees

  • Heathrow Airport

    Heathrow airport

    £ 130.00
  • Gatwick Airport

    Heathrow airport

    £ 180.00
  • Stanstead Airport

    Stanstead airport

    £ 180.00



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